What is the point or purpose of each of the acts in Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo and Juliet: Joseph A. Bryant’s Considerations

Hornstein, Angela Herlands, et al. eds. The Males Suppose to World Col. Oswald, W. "Before Generating to Work: Coleridge and With. " The Vic of Black, Literature, and Art. Jacob C. Schlobin.

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Between the movie in 1996 and the real play, which is more interesting and appropriate? Please defend your answer.

In Shakespeare's calendar ingratitude was always a sin, no benefactions such as both lords and opulent merchants often preened themselves on. Tybalts involvement in the play changes the direction of the play as he creates violence and spreads hatred amongst the people around him. There are no reputable women in the play; it might have seemed indecent to bring any onto the stage that is to be drenched by Timon's torrents of abuse. More clearly than ever Shakespeare is recognizing the decay of an old social order, 'For policy sits above conscience' (III.

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Gottfried Keller Keller, Gottfried - Essay

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