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Copper Rounds

Copper rounds have become immensely popular with collectors and investors of both precious & base metals. Primarily produced in 1 oz sizes containing .999 pure copper, collectible copper rounds can typically be purchased for a mere dollar or two above the current price of copper. Many people find that investing in copper rounds is a great way to diversify one’s portfolio of tangible assets.

Brief History

Investors and collectors continue to be intrigued by this ancient metal that was first discovered in the Middle East around the year 9000 BC. Copper, of course, led to the Bronze Age once the ancients understood how to fashion bronze from copper and tin. In terms of investment, copper has enjoyed significant upswings. Such upswings in its value have attracted many investors to this metal.


JM Bullion is excited to offer copper rounds of outstanding quality and design artistry. While investors may revere this copper for its value, collectors are invariably impressed by the unique designs that adorn these collectible copper rounds. With their lustrous finish and superbly detailed designs, these copper rounds are perfect for giving as gifts for birthdays, graduations, or the holidays. You can start someone on a lifelong passion for precious metal investment and collecting by presenting them with their very first copper round.

Packaging & Shipping

As we obtain our product inventory from mints or our respected distributors, customers can rely on our products’ authenticity and described condition. We ship each item as we receive it from the mint. Most copper rounds are available in tubes containing anywhere from 20-25 coins depending on the brand. This can make them convenient to store when accumulating a large amount.

All mailings are packaged with security in mind. For added protection, we also insure each shipment to safeguard our customers’ investments in metals. If you are interested in copper rounds, be sure to visit our website often as we frequently add new products to our collections.