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Buying Gold Bullion Online

Gold, along with silver, has long been known as the primary means of real money. For thousands of years, gold has been used in trade. It is real, scarce, cannot be artificially reproduced, and has inherent value. Gold has stood the test of time more than any other form of currency. You won’t find any other paper money that was around hundreds of years ago, but you will see that gold is just as in demand now as it was then.

Gold Bars

Gold bars are what most people think of when they consider gold bullion, and with good reason. Gold bars come in many different shapes and sizes. Starting off at 1 gram, gold bars can be as large as you can possibly imagine. The most commonly traded bars fall into the 1 oz and lower range, with many different varieties available.

Gold bars are a primary choice because they offer the most pure, real gold per dollar. You won’t be paying as much money towards premiums when you are buying bars vs. gold coins. Of course, gold coins are a great choice, as well. Gold bars tend to be purchased strictly by investors whereas coins have a following of investors and collectors alike. Gold bars are one of the most popular ways to invest in precious metals.

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No matter what type of gold products you decide on, you can be sure that you are investing in a valuable form of currency. Gold bullion is genuine, and you will feel the natural worth and value when you hold it in your hand.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are perhaps the most recognizable staple in the gold and silver bullion industry. Coins offer value in their bullion content and scarcity alike. While gold bars and bullion can be produced in many different ways and in almost any quantity, gold coins will always have a relative scarcity. Once a set year of production for a gold coin is complete, there will not be another edition of that coin produced. Beyond this, coins also offer the peace of mind that comes along with knowing your gold was minted by a well-known and respected mint, like the US Mint or the Royal Canadian Mint.

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Gold coins do cost more than gold bars in most cases, but much, if not all of this cost is recovered in their typical sell value. If you prefer to own bullion that is produced by the most trusted mints in the entire world, gold coins are an optimal choice. Gold coins also serve as legal tender in almost every nation in which they are produced, whereas gold bars do not. Whether you are interested in fractional gold coins or several ounces at a time, gold coins will help to accomplish your goals in gold bullion.

Gold Bullion Mints

There are a number of Mints who produce gold bullion in coin and bar form. This ranges from government run facilities to privately owned minting and refining companies throughout all parts of the world. Most every mint uses their own special designs and implement their own unique security features into the bullion they produce. For example, PAMP Suisse is known for using the “Fortuna” design on almost all of their smaller weighted bars, as well as using the CertiPAMP assay card. Both of these features are strictly unique to the PAMP Suisse brand. A full list of the companies whose products we offer can be found below:

Government Mints

A government mint is a facility or a group of facilities which are run and operated by a country’s national government. These mints are often used to produce the country’s circulating coinage while many mints today also produce gold bullion coins with high precious metal purities for investment purposes. Listed below are the most popular government mints whose products we currently offer:

Private Mints

Private mints are not owned by the government and are operated independently. Because of this they are limited to only producing gold bullion bars or rounds as opposed to coins. There are dozens and dozens of minting companies located in the United States and other parts of the world. Some of the most popular private mints that we currently work with who produce gold bullion are listed below:

Gold Bullion Prices

When buying gold bullion online, one of the most important factors in determining the price of an item is the current spot price of gold. The price of pretty much any bullion product you purchase will be at least loosely based on the metal’s spot value. The price that we sell our gold bullion products at will most always be calculated by using spot price and adding on a premium. A premium is simply the difference between the spot price and the sale price of a gold bullion product. Because gold spot prices change constantly, so to does the price of physical gold bullion.

Because spot prices are such an important factor when it comes to trading precious metals, JM Bullion uses the most accurate market data possible. We use a service offered by Xignite which provides us with live, up to the second gold and silver prices. On top of this data, we also offer historical gold charts where investors can view 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year price charts, as well as select their own custom date ranges.