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1 oz Silver Bars

Multiple options are available in the scope of 1 oz silver bar products, all of which are .999 in purity. Brand-specific products include items like our 1 oz SilverTowne silver bars, which are produced by SilverTowne Mint. Brand-varies products refers to our “1 oz Silver Bar – New, Any Mint” product listing.

The difference between these two types of products is that the first guarantees you receive a specific brand/type of 1 oz silver bar, while the second guarantees that you will receive a .999 fine, 1 troy oz silver bar, but from a brand of our choice.

Investors who are only interested in accumulating as much physical silver as possible for as cheaply as possible should focus on our brand-varies products, as those provide a discount over our brand-specific product listings, while still offering brand-new, pristine silver bars. Investors who have a certain brand preference or are collecting various brands of 1 oz bars should order brand-specific products to ensure they receive the exact brand and type of bar that they desire.

As far as resale value goes, all of our 1 oz silver bars will sell based on the spot price of silver and the buyer’s discount. None of our brands of bars are any purer or heavier than any other brand, so they all contain the same exact amount and purity of silver – the only difference is the name of the mint on the bar.

One ounce silver bars are the smallest size bars that are widely traded, but don’t let their size fool you. Despite being the smallest, they also happen to be the most popular (along with 10 oz bars). These bars are ideal because they allow for easy buying and selling, are easy to handle, have a low cost entry barrier, and are readily available.

Small Size

The low cost and smaller weight of 1 oz silver bars are two of its most attractive features. Because you are buying a quantity of smaller bars vs. a lower volume of larger bars, you will be able to sell a fraction of your silver down the line should you be interested in raising cash. If you are only ordering larger size bars, this will not be as easy because you will need to sell then re-buy, costing yourself money in the process.

Easy to Handle

One ounce silver bars are not that large and are very easy to mail, store, and move from location to location. Though 10 oz bars are not going to be that difficult to handle, they are naturally going to occupy more real estate than their 1 oz counterparts. One ounce bars are largely in demand because owners of silver like to have the flexibility that is found in a smaller bar. They are not so small that they are not commonly bought and sold, but they are not so large where they price buyers and sellers out of the market.

Readily Available

The constant availability of 1 oz bars is absolutely one of the primary reasons why silver buyers flock to them. Ten ounce and larger bars certainly have their own fair share of demand, but this is also coupled with a lower overall supply flowing in the secondary markets. Many mints from around the world regularly produce 1 oz bars, making them that much easier to access. Just as you will be able to easily buy a 1 oz bar online, so too will you be able to sell them. They are always a hot commodity in the world of silver from both the dealer and investor/owner point of view.


The size of 1 oz bars makes them ideal for everyone, from new buyers to the most experienced high budget investors. They provide a great opportunity for owners to scale their investments upwards instead of downwards. You might think that silver investors only buy very large amounts of silver at a time, but this is not the case. Many of the biggest owners of silver have significant amounts of 1 oz bars on hand. One ounce silver bullion bars have stood the test of time and are undoubtedly going to grow into even further demand as the price of silver continues to rise.