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OPM Silver Bars

OPM, also known as Ohio Precious Metals, is a refinery and mint that has been operating since 1974. OPM uses recycled silver for each and every one of their bars, making them one of the most sustainable mints in North America and the world.

Our OPM silver bars come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large as to suit any type of investor. Every OPM silver bar displays the company’s mintmark, as well as the .999 purity and the weight. Many of these silver bars have a coloration that is more of a matte silver than it is the lustrous, shiny silver you may be used to.

About OPM

Ohio Precious Metals is located in Jackson, Ohio which is in the Southeastern part of the state, closer to West Virginia. They opened their doors in 1974, and from day one, their business has been based on the refining and minting of precious metals, mainly for investment purposes. While they are arguably most popular for their minting of silver bars and rounds, OPM also has a strong foothold in the gold bullion industry, as well.

People who care about their carbon footprint and the environment in general tend to be attracted to OPM because their bullion products are sourced primarily from recycled materials. They take their sustainability efforts one step further in that they do not work with recycled materials that are contaminated by radioactive or otherwise chemically dangerous materials. You can look around, but there is little chance of finding a mint that is more conscious and respectful of the environment than OPM.

Silver Bar Sizes

OPM is able to serve investors of all sizes in that they offer silver bars of all sizes. If you are a beginning investor or are simply attempting to make a small addition to a preexisting investment, OPM mints 1 and 10 oz silver bars. OPM is also conscious of those seeking larger silver bars in that they offer both 1 kilogram and 100 ounce varieties. The two biggest OPM bars have more of a matte coloration as opposed to the shiny luster of the 1 and 10 oz bars.