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Sunshine Silver Bars

The Sunshine Mint is a well-known and trusted bullion mint located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The company is a primary supplier of silver blanks to the US Mint as well as international mints, financial institutions, and corporations around the world.

Our Sunshine silver bars come in a variety of different ounce sizes, all of which feature an image of a silver eagle on the obverse, with the text “SUNSHINE MINTING INC.” All Sunshine silver bars are .999 fine silver, and are measured in troy ounces. We ship them sealed in plastic, direct from the Sunshine Mint.

About Sunshine Mint

Sunshine Mint is a North American-based company and is the number one supplier of blank silver coins for the US Mint. These blanks, as you might have guessed, are then turned into the silver coins minted by the US Mint each and every year. Being that they are one of the US Mint’s top suppliers it goes without saying that Sunshine is one of the most trusted mints in all of the precious metals industry.

Sunshine is based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho  which just so happens to be one of the most silver-rich places in all of North America. They pride themselves in the quality and purity of their bars and see themselves as an industry leader in that regard.

Silver Bar Sizes

Sunshine Mint produces silver bars in sizes that suit any type of investor and thus range from quite small to fairly large. Their most popular silver bars are the 1 oz, 10 oz, and 100 oz varieties. Each bar, regardless of size, has the same design as mentioned above.

The 1 oz Sunshine silver bar is unlike many other similarly sized silver bars in that it is not encased in an assay card. While this may lead you to worry about verifying the authenticity of the bar, Sunshine employs other means to ensure you that the product you receive is, in fact, authentic.

Security/Anti-Fraud Features

The fact that Sunshine silver bars are not accompanied by an assay card may be worrisome to investors, and understandably so. To quell this worry Sunshine Mint has added an anti-fraud feature that can be found on the reverse side of their bars.

On the reverse side of Sunshine silver bars are a boatload of diagonally oriented images of a burning sun, in the center of which is a small circle which, to the naked eye, says “Mintmark SI”; the name of the anti-fraud device itself. When you hold a Sunshine Mint decoder card up to the small circle the word “valid” will appear, and when the decoder card lens is tilted 90 degrees it will show a sunburst that is identical to the countless other ones diagonally featured on the back side of the silver bar.

This is a much more advanced security feature than is present on most other bars in the industry and thus much more reliable and trusted.